At US Precision we aim to stay ahead of the technology curve with our manufacturing process, equipment and engineering software.

We understand that a steady reduction in manufacturing process time is a major key to success for both yours and our business.

That’s why our team is always on the hunt for new methods to reduce cycle times, and create repeatable accuracy throughout our operation.

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Our greatest strength is US Precision’s internal process. Experience has show us how to maximize efficiency while keeping production costs under control.

We have established a proven step-by-step process that guides our products through every stage of development including CNC machining, CNC EDM work and measuring/verification.

This approach reduces tool set-up times and is actually more accurate than the convertional machining seen elsewhere.

By scheduling each of our machines in advance, we can accomodate these sorts of solutions.




We continue to upgrade and expand our manufacturing capabilities with the purchase of new equipment that fits our strategic business plan.

Equipment acquisition is driven by a number of factors, including reduction in production time, efficiency/cost reduction and capacity. Each item is important and plays an equal role in decisions.

Our goal is to find ways to increase our shop capacity while reducing overall project time and consumer costs.

View and download US Precision Mold’s Complete Equipment & Technology List.



Though it often comes with heavy investment costs, both in time and money, we insist on keeping our software library up to date.

Our engineers are equipped with the latest releases of their engineering/manufacturing software.

These programs keep our systems running efficiently and able to handle newer, larger and more demanding software packages when required.